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Do you worry about the safety of your children? Or do you want to see if your employees are doing their job? Perhaps all you want is to protect your phone and data from thieves or damages. You can have information about the calls, websites visited, messages, photos, GPS locations and more and you can control the phones remotely using one of the best cell phone tracker from the market.
- Say stop to cyber bullying or to sexting using our SMS tracker mobile software and check all messages sent and received in any moment to protect your children. In addition the current phone tracker app will try to retrieve the GPS position of the tracked device and will upload the coordinates on your account.

- WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Hangouts and more. Everyone uses them. Of course it’s important to track the messages from these applications, also. We created this mobile monitoring software to fulfill all your needs and to be able to help you monitor the most important activities on the phones and tablets.

- Can you imagine you can control your phone only by sending SMS commands? It’s possible with Easy Phone Track - cell tracker. You can start or stop the Internet connection, the GPS or Wi-Fi, you can restart settings, record surroundings, take pictures, list contacts and many others.

- You might receive unwanted phone calls or SMS or, what is even worse, your child could have conversations with inappropriate people. We created a feature to block phone calls and SMS for these threats. Also, with our parental control application you could block applications and games that your child is using too much. It is also very helpful to see all running apps and to block the ones you don’t need or bother you.

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