Disbalance: Train Your Mind

Production / Stable
Closed Source / Freeware

The essence of the game is simple: you need only to keep two balls, do not let them fall. What's the catch? You must use all your dexterity and reaction to last at least a few seconds. Are you ready for the madness?

The game has three modes: Classic, Arcade for those who like to collect money and coins and Madness for really genius.

Find out how smart you are. In this exciting game adrenaline and high speed are reserved for you.
Can you stand it?

Train your brain. Test your agility. Improve your reaction. Play Disbalance.

Watch the trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZDDn_ZmLgw

- Completely free
- It's really impossible game
- Beautiful hand drawn graphics
- Multiple game modes

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