Digital Solitaire

Production / Stable
Closed Source / Freeware

This incredibly exciting game will not leave anyone indifferent! Once you have started, you will never stop playing. The most interesting thing is that the outcome of the game is always different!
This game is not mindless Clicking on the numbers but an interesting logic puzzle, in which you should think before acting.
Banish your boredom; this great game will take your time and attention for a long time!

Goal of the game:
- Cross out all digits in the least number of steps.
1) You can strike out neighboring digits that are of equal value or make 10 in sum.
2) Digits that stand side by side vertically or horizontally are neighboring digits.
3) Selected digits are neighboring if all other digits between them are crossed out.
4) The last digit in the row and the first digit in the next row are neighboring digits.
5) The remaining digits should be appended to the end of the line with the "Rewrite" button.

• Easy to use, even your child can easily learn the interface
• Records. Improve your skills by beating your earlier achievements!
• Free hints that you can use during the game. Check your attentiveness;)
• Automatic saving of the game. You can minimize the app and it will be waiting for you at that moment where you left off.
• 2 game modes: Classic and Random. Choose the appropriate mode and may the luck be with you!

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