Comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets

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Android and Apple have really paved the way for mobile gaming thanks to their app stores where they have created dedicated games, and lots of them for free. The ones that Apple charge for are often worth the money as they get the best developers to create the top games for Apple customers.

Gaming has become much more popular because you no longer have to be a dedicated gamer and buy consoles and the expensive games to go with them you can now just simply download games to your phone or tablet and actually become very good at some of the games without physically going anywhere. People who have never been to a real casino before are gaming in online casinos so if you feel like playing. Click here and play games like poker, but are also becoming good at them and competing in tournaments.

Size is a big factor in whether people choose to game on tablets or smart phones. Most gaming companies have caught on and make dedicated games for both types of devices, but you have much more space with a tablet with the controls taking up less of the screen than on a phone. It also feels more realistic and more like you are playing on a computer screen. Smart phones are much easier to carry around and increasingly have very fast processors, so aside from the size of the screen, you can still play big games on your phone with great quality displays and resolution.

With mobile casino and tablet casino you can play casino games like online slots and enjoy great visuals on both, but the tablet has the edge when it comes to how realistic the games fee and how much closer to a real console they are. You can play great table games on the tablet such as roulette or blackjack and enjoy a nice big display for the spin of the wheel or dice rolling.

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