Closed Source / Freeware

Commandro is a universal map-centric social networking platform.

The main feature of Commandro that it shows where are your friends REALLY are and what are they're doing at the moment. We use GPS location information in order to make sure that you and your friends have actually reached the planned destinations, and, hence, will display 100% true real-life event and location information with regards to your and your friends.

Other important features of Commandro include:

  • the full power of Android Notifications allowing users to raise different notifications on both per activity and per person level, as well as global-level notifications
  • several visibility modes including the real-time GPS tracking mode, activities-only mode and fully invisible (private) mode
  • the power of activity invites - you can always invite friends to your activity as well as check wether they're really coming or not
  • multi-parameter search with results mapping support for the activities of your friends as well as of any other Commadro users
  • instant messaging between Commandro users with phone number sharing mode
  • dynamic maintainence of the list of your favourite locations - new locations are automatically added to the list of known locations once your friends share their activities with you
  • the full support of Google geocoding as well as GeoNames reverse geocoding service (street level in US, town level internationally)
  • the power of convenient map browsing which supports multiple overlapping overlays and multiple layers as well as overlay grouping support. Commandro uses its own unique optimized map display algorithms for the best map browsing performance in its sector!
  • the power of Android Service allowing users to shut down Commandro GUI in order to free memory for the other applications when needed while still collecting data from your friends as well as updating them on your position or activities
  • full support of XMPP protocol allowing Commandro to run on any XMPP-compatible server without much hassle, and, hence, minimize the Commandro server functionality to the minimum (for example, it's good for corporate or limited Internet coverage situations)
  • Our ultimate goal is to make Commandro the core map-centric application for Android platform, so we expect many more unique features to come (especially, considering that our architecture allows us to easily do that) with the next release - stay tuned!

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