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Ceenoo is a open location-based information system for mobile and web. The product was designed with main goal to make all information available to user in just several simple clicks. In Ceenoo, everything is reorganized into a hierarchical system of places. For each type of place, there will be different features. For example, a region may be a city and so can contain child places; a travel spot allows user to add info, photo and video; a university will enable student to create and manage many groups...

Not only offers stand-alone services, Ceenoo also allows user to connect to other services like Wikipedia, Flickr, Youtube... to download and upload data directly by using their own accounts instead of using only Ceenoo data server. Besides that, Ceenoo built-in wiki service supports people to share their articles, as well as photos/video relevant to the taken place on the public map so that their friends and other users can view and comment.

Finally, Ceenoo allows user to invite and keep contact with their friends in an easy manner. Just by a click, user can locate exactly the position of all friends around, their status and lots of other things basing on unique features designed for mobile.
More info: www.ceenoo.com

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