BiteSize MBA


I just wanted to let you know about some fantastic, new MBA apps that we have just launched on Google Play:

These MBA apps are made up of short videos that explain the core MBA concepts as taught by the world’s leading business schools. The apps are intended to help users to fill gaps in their knowledge whenever is convenient.

The first app (which can be found at:
is completely free to install and, amongst other things, explains:
• the modern theory of business strategy;
• the three layers of strategic analysis;
• how to carry out an industry analysis (a Porter’s 5 Forces analysis); and
• how to use an industry analysis as a starting point in developing strategy.

The free app also contains a worksheet helping users understand they can apply the concepts taught to any business.

The videos in apps are written and presented by Rupert Vernalls (Lawyer, BSc, MSc, MBA) who is the founder and CEO of Rupert Vernalls has presented this award winning course to individuals from many of the world’s most successful businesses including: Nestle, Investec, Warner Bros, Morgan Stanley, Rolls-Royce, Goldman Sachs International, The Bank of England, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, London Stock Exchange, Yahoo, Barclays Corporate and BP.

Android users can now also benefit from all of this award winning content straight from their mobile device!

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