AndroidCan Sudoku Challenge

Closed Source / Freeware

This is the latest alpha version of the AndroidCan Sudoku Challenge. It runs with Android Release 1.0, although not tested on an actual phone yet. In case you have one, let me know whether it works there.

AndroidCan Sudoku Challenge brings Sudoku onto the Android platform. The game makes use of the unique Android user interface. It works as well in Touch Screen mode as with a standard numeric telephone key-board.

The game does not need a big instruction manual. Just select "?/Tutorial" from the menu to get an overview of how the intuitive user interface works. The game features 30 pre-installed Sudokus. Once those are solved, you can create an unlimited number of Sudokus in Free Play mode. You cannot access this feature right away though. The pre-installed Sudokus need to be unlocked and solved first.

Version V0.95 - November 23rd 2008 - Runs on the Android 1.0 Release 1 SDK

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