American War Sniper

Concept / Design


Download and Play our new FREE game American War Sniper only on Google Play!
American War Sniper is a military action game where you play the role of an Elite Sniper. Your base is under attack and you have to defend the base and kill all the enemies. Take out the enemies before they kill you. Upgrade your Gun for better results and protect your country.
Lock, load and take aim in the most violent army sniper missions.
Are you ready Soldier?
- Free to Download
- Cool to Play
- 3D Environment & Game play
- Army Sniper Game
- War Locations
- Upgrade your weapons
- Killer Graphics
- Shoot and Kill the enemy
- Become the Ultimate Sniper
- Win war and bring glory
- Challenging levels
-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in & out
-Tap on left side to navigate the area
* Kill all the enemies and protect your base.
Note: This game may contain In-app purchases and may also contain third-party ads that may redirect you to a third-party site.
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