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An open API for easy development of location-based services, especially for proactive and community oriented applications including an AJAX interface

The ALOQA TraX platform for Location-Based Services (LBSs) enables the simple interchange of location information between LBS participants such as the target person, the user, the LBS provider and the content provider. LBSs can be realized extremely efficiently and with minimal energy requirements using this platform.

The platform's USP is that it supports proactivity and push services, detecting spatial events automatically and making them available to other service providers. Events of this kind can pertain to individual persons, such as their leaving or entering zones, or several users, such as recognizing the proximity between two people.

With its innovative "push" character the platform adds value to existing services while at the same time creating possibilities for totally new application types.

Due to the provided software libraries and APIs the location-based service developer can completely focus on the application logic and need not to deal with positioning, transmission and correlation of position data. We provide client software for different platforms like Android, J2ME, Symbian and Blackberry (Windows Mobile will be released soon).

The different types of APIs, like Mobile, Ajax or Web Services enable the developer to easily integrate the provided functionalities into existing mobile application, to create location-based mash-ups or to extend web communities by location-based features.

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