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  • Wimble - Time Management Meets Gamification


    Finland’s technology sector took a big hit during this summer. It was also a big hit for Finnish people - especially for people living in Oulu, Finland. All this began when Microsoft told that they will end their mobile phone manufacturing operations in Oulu. Just after the first hit Broadcom decided to do the exact same thing with their own operations. The result was that many talented people lost their jobs.

  • Weather rp5

    Production / Stable

    The most accurate forecast schedule of all known site www.rp5

    P.S :
    Weather forecasts are never 100% accurate. The observed weather conditions often contradict the forecasts. We strongly recommend that you do not rely on this website as the only source of weather information, but consider your life experience and common sense when making decisions.

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  • Tomi File Manager

    Concept / Design
    Closed Source / Freeware

    User-centered designed FREE FILE MANAGER for Android, root file explorer, download manager, and best app manager! User friendly manager to music, pictures, videos, documents.

    Tomi File Manager, a full featured file manager, smartly classifies your own files into Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, makes you the best file explorer anddownload manager,
    and closely works as the primary root explorer for advanced users in different using scenes.

    Highlights of our free file manager

    ☆ Best file management to users native files

    Make users the best simple file management to native files and files on cloud storage; and full featured file manager for advanced users.

    ☆ Smartly classify files into distinct categories

    Intuitively classify files into categories of Music, Pictures, Videos, and Documents, and build best simple file management for Android.

    ☆ Fresh UI and user friendly functions

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  • How to Install the Android L Keyboard on older Devices

    android l keyboard

    Download and Install the Android L Keyboard on any device running Android 4.4.2 or newer.

    Since the announcement of Android L and the release of the developer preview there have been many new APK’s released for apps within the new OS and this time we have the Android L Keyboard APK. This has been modded from the developer preview and works on all device version 4.4.2 and up regardless if rooted or not.

  • BiteSize MBA


    I just wanted to let you know about some fantastic, new MBA apps that we have just launched on Google Play:

    These MBA apps are made up of short videos that explain the core MBA concepts as taught by the world’s leading business schools. The apps are intended to help users to fill gaps in their knowledge whenever is convenient.

    The first app (which can be found at:
    is completely free to install and, amongst other things, explains:
    • the modern theory of business strategy;
    • the three layers of strategic analysis;
    • how to carry out an industry analysis (a Porter’s 5 Forces analysis); and
    • how to use an industry analysis as a starting point in developing strategy.

    The free app also contains a worksheet helping users understand they can apply the concepts taught to any business.

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  • UR Launcher - Now with Football Cup themed 3D wallpaper

    UR Launcher is a launcher for Android that offers its users 3D live wallpapers and themes. It also offers a handy sidebar to access your most recently used apps. Overall this launcher allows one to customize their Android phone to their tastes.

    After you have downloaded UR Launcher, which can be found through this link or the QR code at the bottom of this article, you will select the 3D wallpaper of your choice. There are currently 13 live 3D wallpapers to choose from.

    The most recent one is 3D Football Cup Live Theme. Users can support their team through changing country flags, team uniforms, ball colors, turf material, and more. They are able to further customize their wallpaper by adding their name to team jerseys and by choosing the text for ad banners.

  • Zombie vs. Plants


    Zombie vs Plants is a new cool ricochet shooter game free to download. Not all undead are stupid zombies, this zombie smasher uses ricochet kills to end with nasty plants!

    The rules for this free zombie game are simple – aim and fire and hope the bullets will go your way! The bullets bounce off everywhere, try using as less as possible to finish with the bloody monster plants in this extremely fun arcade shooting game! This is a real plants war against zombies – if you are stupid, plants will end you! You guys should prove you aren't stupid zombies, and be the smartest zombie with a good strategy that can kill all the plants and save your ammo!

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  • Swiftkey updated - Free to use

    swiftkeySwiftKey, the hugely popular keyboard replacement app for Android phones and tablets, has just received a major update. The biggest news here is that the app is now completely free to download and use from the Play Store, giving more people a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Three awesome apps to keep an eye out for

    2013 was a great year for Android, a lot of great devices hit the market, and more importantly, apps were more beautiful and exciting as ever. Fortunately, the trend continues, it looks like this year will be awesome as well, there are quite a few promising applications in sight. Let’s take a look at three of these - Budgetly, Ready and Distilled are hitting the Play Store in the near future, with a good chance of getting popular.


    Concept / Design

    Algomatik has developed (iSeeker) highly innovative and creative iPhone app, which can help you find your smartphone with one simple call “iPhone”, and the iPhone, will start ringing. This apps gets installed very easily, it runs in the background of the application, so it does not cause any problem for other application. It‘s interface is highly user friendly and interactive with tunes available in number of types which user can choose as per requirement.

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