How to Create a Website and App for Your Business

Businesses operating in the digital age must engage with the technologies that their con-sumers use on a regular basis. In terms of the internet, this means maintaining a well-made website and perhaps creating an app to promote your company and connect with customers in a way that they are used to. But where should you start when planning to create a website and app simultaneously? This article looks at the three main ways in which you can achieve this new-age penetration into the lives of consumers - boosting your brand recognition and sales in the process.

Will Video Chat Conferencing Boost Your Business?

We live in a unique time in history. In a single instant, we can press a button and see someone in real time that is currently on the other side of the world. You don’t have to wait weeks or even months for a single letter. You don’t need to even pay extortionate fees for the privilege. You just need to use the power of the Internet and cloud based computing.

3 Ways Innovation Can Strengthen Customer Relations

Innovation is common in today’s society. Every single day, people come up with new ideas and gadgets that they want to release on the market. Given the fact that innovation is widespread in society, companies will benefit from using various programs and tech products to their advantage.

For example, the products that businesses choose to create can now be made in higher quality. In addition to this fact, today’s customers also expect this to be the case, and neglecting this factor would be detrimental to the company’s credibility. Last but not least, customer service stands to benefit and there are more opportunities for online marketing.

For more information on all of the aforementioned points, continue reading.

How to Navigate Data Migration

It’s a fairly terrifying process, migrating your expansive digital data sets into a new form of storage. With so much at stake, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve done everything possible to back up the data that you’re converting and to organize it so that when it arrives in its new place of rest, it’s easily accessible for you and your colleagues. While it can be a terrific and pain-staking task, data migration can be simply subdivided into four important tasks to get right, which this article expands
upon below.

Why Disaster Recovery is Still as Important as Ever

Disaster recovery was a big buzzword back in the early ‘00s, and even further back than that. There were consultancies who specialized in making sure that businesses could withstand an emergency that caused their onsite equipment to fail, and who advised them on how to make sure no important data would be lost.

Hand-in-hand with disaster recovery went ‘business continuity’ - the business discipline of being sure that your company could continue to provide its services and allow staff to work, even if the usual site was blocked for some reason such as flooding or fire, or if a major disaster had occurred.

Data Storage Solutions for Your Business

Data storage is an important matter for many reasons. First of all, no matter what kind of business you own, you probably operate with data, either in electronic or physical format. You could either issue important documents, own personal information and credentials that should not be disclosed to the public. Therefore, it is important to find a way to store that data is a secure space, where only authorized members get access to. Although cloud solutions are quite popular when it comes to storing data, sometimes it is good to have a backup plan.
Having a copy of that essential data can sometimes save you a lot of money and stress. If not, your company could be in danger, considering how skillful hackers are these days. Even though there is not a one-size-fits-it-all solution, you can still find a great deal of data storage solutions and customize them to your specific needs.

Your Mobile Device: Why You Need to Protect It Now

Your phone usually tends to contain a lot of sensitive information, especially if you happen to have a smartphone. This is because there are so many apps and applications that are available such as banking apps to help you pay bills, social media apps, as well as many others. For this reason, ensuring your mobile device isn’t easily accessible by other people is essential. There are a number of ways that you can do this which include you taking a few simple steps to make it more secure. This article aims to help you by explaining a few reasons that you need to protect your mobile device.

Speed Up Your Gadgets with These Top Tips

Most people in the world now have at least one gadget; it could be a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. We use these gadgets to do a lot of the things in our daily lives such as check emails, write letters and even communicate with other people around the world.

Unfortunately, no matter which type of gadget you have, they can all experience times when they slow down. Knowing how you can fix them prevents you having to wait for ages while it loads your next web page.

Online privacy trends and measures in 2017

We just received a great infographic about online privacy trends in 2017.

Did you know for instance, that your browsing history is also saved in Incognito mode? Pretty enlightening.

Smartphone Wars in Developing Economies

The U.S was the perfect environment to develop smartphone technology and millions of consumers now carry around devices made by companies like Apple and Samsung.

The amazing popularity of smartphones and the high level of people who now own one in the U.S has almost reached saturation point and this has resulted in the world’s leading technology companies now looking to divert their attentions to developing economies, where demand is still growing rapidly.

As this Smartphone Wars infographic illustrates, the battle is well and truly on for the major manufacturers to stake their claim in the hearts and minds of people from economies where consumerism is taking off in a big way.