[Infographic] Smartphone revolution

smartphone revolutionOver the past few decades, the rise of cell phones and mobile devices have altered the way that we connect with others almost entirely. No longer are we tethered to a landline, as we are now capable of communication no matter where we are in the world. With billions of people now using their mobile phones to connect with others, it is clear that our means of communication have changed forever.

Google testing new features in Calendar and Gmail

google redesign calendar

Calendars are a dime a dozen and lets face it, how much can you really do to a calendar app to make it stand out from the pack. Well recent leaks from Geek.com have shown us that Google is working on a slew of new features including a UI overhaul, daily agenda feature, and social integration from Google+. Hopefully we see something come of this.

Control all kind of electronics with USB2Go


USB2Go is small, open source development board that connects external electronics with Android smartphones through micro USB port. The developers’ idea was to create a device, which is connected to the phone without the use of wireless technologies and any additional power source to reduce size, costs and complexity. Both amateur and professional users can create all sorts of gadgets in order to control the electronics in their house or just build tech toys.

No more battery problems with TravelCard

travelcard battery charger

I am sure that once in a while everyone runs out of power on their smartphone. Sometimes it is not a huge problem, but usually it happens at the worst time. For instance, when you expect an important call, or having car trouble.

Good news, TravelCard solves this problem. It is an iPhone and Android charger with 98 hours of standby time. The battery provides approximately 5 hours talk time and 4,5 hours of internet usage with 1300 mAh.

Flying no more - Google and Apple ground Flappy Bird clones

Flappy Bird was an addictive game developed by Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen. It took the developer about two or three days to create the game, and it was not marketed in any way. Yet, it became one of the top downloads earlier in the year. The game's popularity came through reviews and word of mouth more than anything else.

Samsung Galaxy security flaw discovered that provides remote access to data

android security flaw

Security has always been an interesting topic on Android and that discussion just got another reason to exist with a development team discovering a security flaw affecting the Samsung Galaxy series that could enable remote access to data on your device.

The development team behind an open-source operating system based on Android called Replicant OS, discovered that this ‘backdoor’ affects not only the version of Android running on Samsung Galaxy devices, but also those custom firmwares based on stock Android images such as Cyanogenmod.

How to Transfer iPhone iCloud Contacts to Android Easily

transfer contact android iosMoving from your iPhone to an Android phone has been a daunting task in the past although there is an easy way to get this accomplished. The most important set of data that every user wants to move from one phone to another is contacts. This tutorial will show you how to easily transfer contacts from an iPhone to Android.

Apple has iCloud for backup and Android devices backup to your Google Contacts so essentially you just need to backup the contacts from iCloud and import them into your Google account. This being said there is a process that makes this easy and the steps are outlined below.

Flappy Bird infographic & download link

flappy birdWith the release of Flappy Bird it quickly became the most addictive and popular game of 2014 in just the first month. After a while the developer pulled it from the Google Play store due to it being more frustrating for users than he had intended. This being said there are still many people who want to be able to download and play Flappy Bird since its removal.

Infographic: The smartphone market in 2013

smartphone market share

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker provides quarterly information about the current state of the smartphone market. The data from last year's fourth quarter just arrived, so is possible to take a look at the big picture. The following infographic shows the market share and shipments of the major smartphone operating systems of 2013.

Root your Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.2

The best tool for rooting beginners, and is the quickest and easiest root method commonly available by XDA developer is CF-Auto-Root, which can supports Windows, Linux and Mac. Once you’ve downloaded, the CF-Auto-Root file, use the following process to root your Nexus 5.